Excel Export and Upload

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HDPOS smart gives you a flexible option of uploading and exporting data in HDPOS smart with the help of excel file. We have several Templates for adding simple items, items with stock & creation of GRN.

Import Data by Excel File

Excel Upload

HDPOS smart gives you an option to upload data in bulk and save your time in doing data entry. This functionality allows users to quickly add items, suppliers, customers, employee’s data through Excel (xls or xlsx) or notepad file (for those who do not have Microsoft Excel installed). If you are using Labels in business, you can upload labels for all your Items at once by Label upload
option in Label manager. GRN can be made easily just by uploading the excel with all your Items and its received quantity. For users running Garment business, you can even create your newly received Items and save the GRN by single excel upload using Templated GRN which will create your items and save the GRN at the same time.
Excel upload can also be used in other important modules of HDPOS smart like Sales Invoice, Stock correction when you are doing stock auditing, transferring stock from one warehouse to another, raising a PO for the supplier, etc.

Excel Export

Exporting data from HDPOS smart also becomes crucial when you want to update your existing data in bulk. You can export your Item master if you want to update the taxes or prices of all your items in bulk. You can export stock transfer and sales invoice items. With the help of the data export feature, you can export data shown in the grid from any of the managers in HDPOS smart. With the help of search option, date range or category filters in most of the modules you can export specific set of data from HDPOS smart into excel. You can even save the output of the report in the excel format.

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