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Manage your Franchise

If you are running a franchise business and as a franchise owner you want to manage the business of your franchise customers, then HDERP is a perfect solution for you. HDERP comes with a powerful feature for managing franchise business effectively.
To have a better and effective control of franchise customers, you can create a franchise customer as a company and then business location for it. So that each of your Franchise Customer will be a company to your Franchise Owner.

Franchise Business Solutions

Centralized Data

Enables franchsior create and maintain centralized data.Create central sales orders for all franchise locations.
You can also check the activities of the franchise, track and compare their performance, irrespective of the location they are working on.


Restrict your franchise customers from viewing the data of other franchise customer location. All the financial transactions made in one franchise customer location can be made visible only for that location. Maintain separate accounting book of records for each franchise location.

Manage Sales and Purchases

Make Invoice for your franchise customer from franchise owner location. HDERP allows you to automatically create GRN for your franchise customers whenever a sales invoice is made from franchise owner location. Easily maintain different purchase price for the franchise owner and your franchise customers.

Inventory Management

With a centralized database, the franchisor can keep track of inventory at different franchise outlets. Set low stock alerts and quickly reorder the stock by placing purchase orders.


The integrated accounting and financial data management capabilities updates books of accounts automatically as you ring up sales and create invoices. Define credit limits and payment terms for your franchise locations. Get reports for paid and unpaid bills and enables you to send out sms or email notifications.


Built-in reporting capabilities will help you analyze your franchise business performance by looking and comparing sales at different franchise outlets. Get customized reports for sales, inventory, accounting, purchase and many more.

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