Food Costing

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Food Costing

HDRestaurant provides complete functionality for managing Bill of Material or BoM. Our customers that own Restaurants, use BoM for food costing.

Food costing allows restaurant owners to maximize profits by being able to calculate recipe costs, cut down on wastage, reduce staff hours, and track inventory more effectively. 

Table Reservation

Calculate Recipe Cost

Calculate the cost of raw materials/ ingredients being used for preparing a particular dish. Ingredient cost can be calculated on last purchase price or you can enter the price manually.

Recipe Indirect Cost

Include the cost of procuring the raw materials, labor cost and all the other behind-the-scenes cost.

Recipe Sale Price

BOM management features of HDRestaurant suggests the sales price of the packaged or manufactured item by looking at the costs prices of the raw material. It also takes in considerations the packing and labor costs.

Control Wastage

HDRestaurant POS software automatically forecasts the demand based on past history. Hence allowing you to have better planning for production and raw materials, to reduce wastage.

Plan Orders

BoM management allows users to check raw material shorts currently in inventory to fill certain orders. For customers who own catering business, use these features to check what food material they will need to fill certain order and what they have in the inventory

Liquor Stores and Bars

Food costing feature of HDRestaurant is useful for liquor stores and bars. They use BoMs to manage inventory of bottles while selling shots and drinks.

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