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Financial Accounting

HDPOS is the ideal accounting software solution for small and large business that helps you to manage sales, purchases and petty cash accounts all in a single system.

HDPOS auto-generates financial accounts when you start with a fresh database. This accounting module is integrated with all the other core modules such as sales, purchases, customers, and suppliers accounts thus making automatic entries in the requisite accounts whenever a transaction is recorded in the system.

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Analytical reports for purchase and sales

Built in Accounting

Transactions from sales, purchase, inventory, payroll, and journal entries all come together to give you a complete picture of your company's financial status


Maintain accounting books and ledgers. View combined ledger of multiple accounts. You can also view the accounting ledgers in the different levels using the drill down options.


Manage your daily expenses and monitor your cash flow.
Record your day to day expenses that the business incurs like electricity bill payment, water expenses, gas expenses, transportation expenses, etc.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile bank statements to match the transactions in system's accounting ledger and generate reconciliation statement .

Tally Transfer

Transfer financial account and financial transactions to Tally. With a single button click from HDPOS, you can transfer months of financial transactions directly into the Tally.

Financial Reporting

Generate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, trial balances, aging reports, and date-based transaction reports. Drill down reports to give you accurate data views.

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