Track your Data Changes
Control and record the data changes in your HDPOS smart database.
Have a granular control on your business.

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Event Log Manager

Event Log feature of HDPOS smart gives you the control and record the data changes in your HDPOS smart database. It gives very granular control on what gets recorded in audit, so you can precisely keep the information you want about our data changes without logging lot of unnecessary records and increasing the database size. Event definition is very sophisticated and can be defined for generic or very specific cases.

Event Log Notifications


Data change events like, change in item prices, adding of new items etc. You can record an event every time item details are updated (generic) or you can define an event for item detail change.


Record data view events. Keep a record of what report was run, by whom. Which button was clicked to view certain data and by whom etc.


Record events in the system and view them later in reports or on the screen. Get yourself notified via SMS from HDPOS smart. You can configure a specific event to avoid lots of SMS.
Get yourself notified via emails from HDPOS smart.


Invoice changes, Item removals from the invoice while making the invoice, price changes during making of invoice, new customer creation, every time a credit (approved pending) bill is made etc are a few events to name that can be recorded by event Log function .

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