Manage employee, commissions, payroll, time-clock-in.

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Employee Management

You can store all the details of your employees. You can capture details of the specific employee such as personal information, qualification details, and salary details. You can also define login details of each employee and provide or restrict access to specific functionalities in the application based on their designation. Manage your employee attendance and payroll.

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Employee and payroll management system

Employee Details

Easily set up employee profiles, job role, pay rates, sales commission, and access rights. Control employee access to discounts and price editing during billing. Manage payroll.


Track the Time-In and Time-out of your employees, easily record and track employee work hours. Define employee hourly rates and get their weekly / monthly work details.


Create user groups with different access and assign employees to them. You can secure the information your staff can see and modify. You can determine which screens are accessible from the menu and which members of your staff can read, edit or delete information.


Get custom reports on total sales by employees, commission received.Track each employee’s sales performance and make informed business decisions.

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