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Customer Relation Management

You're doing your part as the shopkeeper- now let us do ours. HDPOS smart's strong CRM system is certainly going to boost your sales. Manages your customer details and lets you provide your customers all kinds of options.

That would certainly help your sales, because everybody loves being spoiled for choice.

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Complete CRM software


Define your own loyalty schemes and enroll customers in loyalty plans, as well as your very own rules for converting loyalty point to credits. Yep, support for referral loyalty points is included!


Define your own schemes and promotions- you'll even be able to give categorized discounts to specific customer groups.


Create different kinds of discount coupons for your customers.
Whether you prefer to print them with customized designs or Email / SMS them to your customers - HDPOS Smart gives you both options.


Nothing increases sales like some good old gift cards. HDPOS smart gives you ability to issue Gift cards to your customers - you, the shopkeeper, will be able to set gift card values and transfer credit using them.


Today, using SMS just for sending receipts to customers isn't good enough. That's why HDPOS Smart lets you not only do that but lets you send promotional notifications and announcements using SMS in an automated, and organized fashion.
"Do you have a special event, but no customers? This should fix that".


You could be entertaining distinguished customers -
VIPs, wholesalers, frequent visitors or friends and family.
HDPOS Smart adapts to the situation by letting you create different data groups for these customers so that you can give them their own specific discounts and price lists without having to break the system.


Save customer information while creating invoice & rapidly build your customer database. Import your customer list with simple excel upload. Easily export customer details if you need. View your customer's purchase history, number of times they came to your store. Maintain their wish lists.


Easily issue store credits to customers if they have come for a sales return.Your customers will be able to redeem their store credit balance the next time they’re in your store. Define your customer's credit limits in various currency.

Get your customers sales trends

  • Find what your customers are buying
  • Get to know what are your fast moving items
  • Get to know who are your repeat customers
  • Easily save your customer’s wish list
  • Check customers ledger account
  • Customer credit ageing Reports