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Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract feature helps to manage warranty of your items and reminding customers about their AMC status by sending an SMS or Email. Most of the times, when
you purchase a product like an electronic item, refrigerator or television there is often an AMC attached with the item. i.e. for a specified period, if anything goes wrong with the item purchased,
the vendor would do the necessary service to fix it at no additional cost.

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AMC for Electronic \ Computer \ Sports Shop

This is useful for the businesses dealing with electronic equipment’s or machines which has warranty period. Define the Items which includes AMC (provides AMC) and define items which are an AMC. You can specify the duration of the AMC at the time of creating the Item. Expiry date counts from the day invoice was made for the AMC item. Easily track if the item is under AMC period or if the AMC has expired. You can notify your customer by sending SMS/Email about the AMC nearing its expiry.

Extend your AMC

If your customers want to extend the warranty period or get additional warranty for the Items they have purchased, this can easily be managed in HDPOS. You can also give extension for the AMC items that you have already sold. This is done by creating an invoice of the Item marked as “Is AMC” items and select the previously sold Item against which you want to extend the AMC period. You can choose the date from when you want to extend the AMC period.

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