Container Management
Define containers like tray, cans and manage item accurate weights at time of sale

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Container management

Businesses that are working with goods that you weigh using a weighing scale, you must have felt the need to get the Net weight of the items you are selling. For example, if the products are in liquid form or edible or are kept in some containers, you must have felt the need to subtract the weight of the container from the total (gross) weight to get the products Net weight.

Generally in Sweets Shops and Bakeries items are kept in containers to transfer it from one warehouse to another warehouse. In these kinds of businesses when items are transferred from kitchen to another warehouse, Items are placed in containers. They will be weighed and the weights are noted down which is total of container weight and items weight.  To know exact amounts of items that are getting transferred, the container tare weights must be deducted. In order to manage the same in HDPOS the container details (weight, size etc.,) are managed with Container Manager. The container details are available for only items that are weighed at the time of sale.

Tray Management for Sweet Shops

Container for Stock Transfer

Define your containers like trays, cans, bins, etc and number them uniquely. You can create the identity of each such container in HDPOS and specify its weight. Now, while weighing the item, you can specify which container is being used, by using the container’s unique number in container loading module. The system will generate a unique sequence number for each of the items added in Stock transfer. You can also print the sequence number as soon as you add the Items in stock transfer.

HDPOS container management software, will subtract the tare weight of the container, and use the actual weight of the item. Container management system software feature is especially useful for our sweet shop customers, and other food items shops, which use trays, etc to transfer material. Container manager in container stuffing software will help them keep the accurate stock without removing the items from the trays just to take the correct stock.

Material Loading for Franchise business

With containers defined in HDPOS, you can also use them in material loading document. Businesses that are running with Franchisee can use loading documents. In HDPOS, you can mark which of the business location is Owner of the Franchise and which all locations are your Franchisee customers.
With material loading document, you can add the Items by scanning the container sequence number or by selecting the container. You can then select the business location while adding the item. On the saving the Loading document, based on the role of the business location selected HDPOS will create Sales Invoice with approved pending if the business location is marked as Franchisee customer otherwise it will generate stock transfer document considering it as a branch of the Franchise owner location.
You can even track the container history as where it was last used and for which Item it was used. You can mark the container status whether it is dispatched or received back from the business location.

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