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At Hyper drive, while developing business management products our goal is to give you as flexible a product as possible which you can customize yourself to fit perfectly to your needs. One of the strongest feature in HDPOS smart is allowing you to customize data elements like products, customers, suppliers etc is ability for you to create custom fields. Custom fields are lot more than just additional fields. You can use custom fields to create various hierarchies of your inventory or even customers for a very good CRM management.

You can also group specific product based on common value of any fields. This group in HDPOS we call it as collection.

Item Collection

Item Collection

Collection will allow you to group your products/items in different groups depending on the values of the item attributes. For example, you can create a "Collection" of items of certain brands together or you can even create collection of items based on their sales prices and brand etc. You can associate the collections to a cash register and restrict the billing of certain items from a certain cash register. This is useful for businesses that have multiple counters and want to make bills of only specific items from a specific cash register. For example, if you have store with books, food items and garments, you can now restrict one of your cash registers to make bills only of food items and dedicate another cash register to bill only books.This feature will ease your billing while billing items using names and reduce data entry errors.

Customer Collection

If you want to keep track of different demographics of your customers based on their age, gender, etc or you may want to group your customers based on their geographical location of their interests.
Using various grouping collection for customer you can, in HDPOS define specific loyalty points and offers very easily.

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