Manage Close Database
Easily close your database and move to a new financial year

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Close your database at end of financial year.

Close Database feature in HDPOS allows you to close the database that was being currently used and start with a fresh database with the same company and business location and with the same data. When you close the database, all financial accounts and stock of the previous database will carry
forward and the closing balance as the opening balances.
When the database is fully closed, number sequence for documents like sales invoice, receive payment, sales return, GRN number, pay supplier, purchase order and purchase returns will be set to one. At any given time you can switch between the closed database and current database. You edit/view the records in the closed database. You have the option to bring forward the pending documents from the closed database into the new database prior to closing your database.

You can also choose to close your current database and start with a new database due to the large size of the database. You can also make changes to your closed database. Changes made in your old database will not reflect in your current database.

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