Cash Register
Cash register transactions, mismatch, balance, cash register sessions.

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Cash Register

Cash Register is the core component in managing point of sale. This feature in HDPOS not only manages your Cash amount but also handles the credit card slips, checks, and food coupons. Restrict your employees to only a specific cash register by assigning cash register to their login. Add opening balance to the cash register. HDPOS creates a default cash register- Manager’s drawer and Adjustment drawer for every business location

Cash Transfer and Cash Register Details

Terminal Cash Register

We call a cash register as terminal cash register in HDPOS when it is attached to a Physical cash register or to a terminal. Terminal cash register remains associated with a specific computer or terminal irrespective of which user logs into that computer / terminal.

User Cash Register

We call a cash register as user cash register when it is attached to a specific user ID. When login ID has a specific cash register attached, the attached cash register will always be the selected cash register for the login ID irrespective of which terminal or computer that user is using.

Cash Transfer

This feature allows you to transfer amount from one cash register to another cash register. You can also transfer the amount to a bank account. Currency denomination option in cash transfer helps you to enter the denominations of the notes and coins used while transferring the cash amount.


With Item collection feature, you can associate specific set of items to cash register for sales. This will be useful when you want specific items to be sold at a specific billing counter.

Adjustment Cash Register

Sometimes, the amount present in the physical cash register maybe less than the amount shown in HDPOS. This could be caused by improper handling of cash, card slips, checks, or food coupons. This amount can be adjusted by transferring the mismatch amount to Adjustment cash register.

Administrator Cash Register

HDPOS allows you to manage your administrator cash register as the master cash register. When you mark a cash register as the master cash register, you can restrict your employees in transferring the amount to other cash registers of employees thereby allowing transferring amount only to the Master cash register which is your administrator cash drawer.

Cash Register Session

HDPOS gives you a lot of flexibility for the management of cash registers and helps you in reducing the malpractices that can happen when you have a large number of billing counters and employee logins.
Cash register sessions can be created by an administrator for the employees. Once a session is created for a specific employee, the employee will be able to login only once into the application for that session. A session will be logged out once the employee closes the application. The session is closed by emptying the cash register and handing over the amount to the administrator.
Opening balance can be added for the employee cash register at the time of creating the session. If the physical amount is not matching with the actual amount shown in HDPOS, then the difference amount will be transferred to the Adjustment cash register while closing the cash register session. Admin can then track the discrepancy in amount occurred from the employee cash register.

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