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Graphs and Dashboard feature in HDPOS give you a snapshot of different areas of your business. This will let you quickly see how you are doing.

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HDPOS provides several chart/graph options to let you analyze your business in a visual format (2D and 3D). A chart/graph can display a summary of sales, profit, or current inventory by category, or by business location. Graphs can be customized in many different ways:
Bar Graph, Stacked Column, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Point Chart, Spline Chart, Spline Area Chart, Bubble Chart, Step line Chart, and Funnel Chart.
It offers various customization such as to view the graph in 3D, rotate X and Y axis, change the color of the chart, background color, and series color. You can save the graph in PNG, JPEG and PDF format. You also send the graph image as an email attachment.

Graph Dashboard

With Graph Dashboard, you can monitor your performance in real time with graphical reports on sales, purchases, financial transaction, profit & loss, taxes, and other statistics.
You can create your own custom dashboard by setting up different graphical reports as well as analytical reports. You can quickly access your most popular reports as well as graphs. The dashboard allows you to adjust the size of the Graph on the dashboard.

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