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Batch and expiration management

HDPOS smart as the complete inventory management system keeps track of your product's batch numbers and their corresponding expiration dates. Choose auto batch for your items, if you want to sell in first-in-first-out basis. Use manual batch if you want to select the batch of an item while making an invoice for it.

Batch and expiry handling with hdpos smart


You can select specific batch of an item at the time of billing so that your stock is managed absolutely accurately.
If you do not have the feasibility of being able to specify batch numbers at the time of billing due to time constraints at the billing counter, you can ask HDPOS to apply the batch numbers to the sales invoices based on earlier expiration dates first marked (auto batch)


Keep items in multiple batches and get extensive information about that items' stock and in batches. You can view the consolidated stock of such items in any warehouse as well as see the stock broken up by individual batch number and expiration date.
You can also move stock of specific batch of item from one warehouse to another.


The auto batch helps you manage your expiration dates as well as keeps the billing process fast and efficient.
You can query HDPOS any time to find all near expiring goods and create a purchase return for them. Essentially saving you from all the losses you would have had to face due to expired goods.

Other uses of Batch

Even if your product does not have expiration date and also does not have a batch specified to it by the manufacturer you can use this functionality to specify your own batch number to segregate the stock of same item for various reason like different supplier, different prices, different taxes etc.

To handle price fluctuations of the item

Sometimes in your business the prices of the items goes up and down but you want to maintain the stock of the items based on their prices. HDPOS smart allows you to manage these situations easily by creating a batch for every price change. At any point of time you can view the stock of individual batch or cumulative batches. It also provides information of the batch(es) while selling the items so that the sales person can select the batch that is belonging to a specific price.

To handle expiry dates of the item

In some business items do have expiry dates and once it gets expired they cannot be sold. Every shop owner wants to sell out the stock of the items before they are getting expired. In such situations batch functionality plays a crucial role for your business. It has been designed using an intelligent algorithm which allows you to sell the items on first-in-first-out basis or sell earliest-expiry-date-first basis.This is also very useful when you are in a business to sell goods that expire over period of time and you have the ability to return near expiring goods back to the supplier.

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