Innovative reporting system to do complete business analysis. Get reports specific to your business, specific to your style, specific to your custom fields and specific to your language

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Running a business is a challenge. You need to keep up with the market demand. Purchase the right stuff and know what is in stock at all times. In order to be able to do that you need analytical reports.

HDPOS smart offers analytical reports that will help you analyze what products are most selling for you, what category of products are giving you better business, and what category of the products you need to sell out with discounts and offers. View customer behavior, sales trends, fast moving items.

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Graphical representation of analytical reports

System reports

We have 500 plus reports to get detailed information like day closing, daily sales, purchases, tax, invoice formats, barcode stickers,profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance and much more. Specific reports on sales vs purchase, taxation, item sales analysis.


At times you may require reports that are very specific to their business type. We will do the reports you need related to your products, customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, profits, discounts, pending amounts, balance sheets and many more.

Reports App

Get your business reports anywhere anytime. With HDReports Android App and the website you can view your business metrics anywhere, you wish to. You also have an option to save these reports locally as PDF or excel or send them via email or SMS.


Let HDPOS smart talk to you via SMS. Have HDPOS smart send you reports on set times in a day. You can receive critical information about your business at specific times in a day via SMS or email. You
can also set the reports to be generated at the login time and logout time.


HDPOS provides several chart / graph options to let you analyze your business in a visual format (2D and 3D). The reports can be viewed in bar graph, stacked column, pie chart, area chart, point chart, spline chart, spline area chart, bubble chart, step line chart, and funnel chart.


With Graph Dashboard, you can monitor your performance in real time with graphical reports on sales, purchases, financial transaction, profit & loss, taxes, and other statistics. You can create your own custom dashboard by setting up multiple graphical reports as well as analytical reports.