2 Way SMS Support
Have a 2-way communication, send & receive SMS

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Engage your customers

Send SMS at various stages to your customers and suppliers and keep them involved. You can have two way communications with your POS computer via SMS when you are away from your shop. Request for simple reports via SMS to your dongle that is attached to your computer. SMS support is extended in your regional language.

Send bulk SMS and Email through HDPOS software

Transactional SMS

Sending SMS to your customers while any transaction dealt with him/her. Like sending a "welcome message" or "customer code" SMS at the time of creating a customer. Send bill amount via SMS to customers at the time of printing the bill. SMS can be sent at the time of receiving pending payments from the customer. You can also send SMS to the supplier when a payment is made.

Talk to your POS

You can request SMS reports by just sending SMS to your HDPOS. Send simple SMS to your GSM dongle number that is connected to your computer and get SMS replies from HDPOS. Get critical information about the business via SMS like when any user deletes any document, changes item prices etc from event log feature. By sending SMS to HDPOS, you can authenticate password set for any of the functional button to give access to your employees.

Payment Reminder

HDPOS smart gives you the option of sending payment reminders to your customers. Customer manager gives you records of all customers whose payments are pending. Search by the number of days to find out the list of customers whose payments are due, and you can easily send an SMS reminder to your customers about their payment.

Promotional SMS

Send bulk SMS to your Customer's & Suppliers to notify them about Sales or any upcoming events. Also, send promotional SMS to customers about the offers during the festive seasons.

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