Value Added Tax

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Value Added Tax (VAT)

HDPOS smart has extremely flexible Tax management modules. The tax management feature allows you to manage taxes like VAT, Cess, etc. Government of UAE and some other countries have introduced VAT recently.
Manage the taxes that are applied for your Billing, Accounts, and Purchases. Manage your upcoming Taxes and file your Tax return with the system reports of HDPOS smart.

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Value Added Tax Management


Tax set up in HDPOS smart is very simple and easy, you can set up different tax rates for your purchase and sales. You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes from time to time.


Generate VAT compliant sale invoice receipts. You can customize invoice receipts as per your business needs.

VAT Reports

Generate VAT reports by location or by a company to keep track of VAT liability.


HDPOS smart records the input and output tax transactions in the system, reconcile VAT reports and file your VAT returns to the authorities.

Handling VAT Compliance

The task of collecting different types of taxes and doing the correct tax reporting can be a little daunting and overwhelming. HDPOS smart can help you easily define & manage your tax automatically, handle your sales and purchase tax calculations.

Input (Purchase) Tax and Output Tax (Sales)

HDPOS smart records the Input and Output Tax transactions in the system, when you file your VAT returns to the authorities. All these transactions are recorded automatically whenever a sale or
purchase entry is created in the system and provides you tax details via reports.

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