Billing Management Software: GST Enabled

November 19, 2021 in Customer Management

Billing Management Software: GST Enabled

HDPOS Offers a smart and integrated Billing Management Software: GST Enabled. That takes care of your invoice generation, billing, and Inventory needs. There are multiple Billing Management Software: GST Enabled in the Indian market. Some even offer free features, but what makes HDPOS Smart the best?

Let’s take a look at the features and what exactly is their USP over other billing Management Software: GST Enabled present in the Indian market.

What features should I look for when choosing aBilling Management Software: GST Enabled ?

When choosing a billing software for your business there are some important things that one should consider before making the crucial decision.

UI and Ease of use for Billing Management Software

A billing software must have an attractive User Interface and should be easy to use. This eliminates the extra effort in training your employees. HDPOS comes with an interactive user interface that’s smart, easy to use, and takes care of all the billing needs right from the first day.

Reliable Software

A billing software must be reliable in all situations. There’s no point in purchasing a software and then spending hours with customer support, dealing with lags and crashes. Doesn’t matter if it comes with 24*7 customer support. You’ve bought the software for 24*7 billing and handling your business needs.

HDPOS is a smart and tested software through hundreds of its customers who have given it a 5-star rating in customer satisfaction and reliability.

Cloud Storage

Another important feature that your billing software must possess is a cloud storage option. This is the era of cloud-based computing and no matter how new you are to technology, you must have got in touch with cloud computing through your smartphones; storing pictures, videos, and contact backup on the cloud.

It’s the same with billing softwares,  HDPOS Smart provides support for cloud storage and this eliminates the threat of data loss arriving from hardware failure or natural calamities.


Customer relationship management is a must-have for a billing management suite. It offers the option to record customer data, their billing patterns, and store phone numbers to provide them with personalized loyalty benefits and offers. HDPOS Smart offers an inbuilt CRM that helps retain your loyal customers and provides them with personalized offers according to their purchase patterns.

Payments and Hardware Support

A billing software must support all payment options from credit cards to online payments. This eliminates the chances of a dissatisfied customer and brings confidence to your billing team.

HDPOS Smart offers support to all payment methods from cash to online and Credit cards. This makes it ideal for billing and inventory management purposes. Moreover, it supports all POS hardware including barcode scanners, computers, printers, and more.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is another important feature that billing software must have. Effective inventory management and warehouse monitoring capabilities make HDPOS Smart a great choice. It offers real-time warehouse management and stock data. Also, that enables you to manage inventory on the go, just with a mobile app.

Not many billing softwares come with a mobile app integrated into their billing and inventory. HDPOS Smart billing and inventory management software comes with a dedicated mobile application. That can work as a point of sales device or an inventory management software on the go. Just connect the printer and you can start generating invoices without additional hardware support.