The Yellow Dwelling’ redefining the standards in Home Furnishing Sector

May 4, 2020 in Customer Success

The Yellow Dwelling’ redefining the standards in Home Furnishing Sector

More on ‘The Yellow Dwelling’

The Yellow Dwelling’s, Bangalore humble journey began in early 2017 with the search for the finest quality of home furnishing items that were unique, tasteful yet still affordable. They specialize in curtains, cushions and similar home decor items. Along with the aspirations of establishing a successful business, they really wanted to deliver best-in-class products to consumers. Their passion guided them to re-invent the home furnishing industry. 

Let’s look at some Challenges they faced

Being completely new to the Home Furnishing scene, they faced numerous challenges while practically implementing what they had envisioned for their Store. At this point, it was immensely critical to find the correct POS Software to tackle their ever-growing requirements. Along with managing their current business flow the software also had to have enough room for them to grow and to accommodate their needs along the way. 

  • Stock Management was an essential part of their operations hence proper Labelling had to be done with their brand information. 
  • During a discussion with their team, one key challenge they raised was to have a POS solution that has the ability to export data so they could manage Accounting in Tally. This was the case because their CA was quite comfortable with Tally software to manage their Accounts. 
  • Since their long term plan was to scale-up hence the POS solution had to have an ability to centrally manage several stores and warehouses.
  • Also, they had outlined all specific operations that had to be done by the Staff and wanted them to strictly adhere to what was required of the employees. Access right management was hence necessary.  
  • Being a new business it was also critical to have concise information on their Sales, Employee Performance, Real-Time stock valuation, etc to be available at their fingertips so the owners could make well-informed decisions. 

Solutions offered by HDPOS Smart

Our Product Expert team closely worked with their management team to understand the underlying issues of their old software so we could target them from the get-go. Then we prepared an Implementation plan with all the set guidelines which were followed up with hierarchy-wise training sessions. 

This helped the staff to ease into the new workflows in our software.

The Yellow Dwelling using HDPOS to manage their Retail

The Solution

  • One of the solutions to tackle Branding was to print uniquely designed Barcode Stickers with Brand Logo and other product attributes which along with fulfilling the task of Item tracking would also highlight their products from other local home decor competitors. 
  • The Data Export module in HDPOS Smart gave them the ability to export data directly to Tally Software and making it highly convenient for their CA to manage accounts.
    Also for cross-validation, the CA also took the help of the inbuilt GST Friendly tools to access data. These also had detailed GST Filing reports all under one roof along with other essential business reports. 
  • HDPOS Smart gave them enough room for future growth by showing them how through the Multiple Warehouse management system they could easily manage Inventory across several locations.
    This also included SMS and Email validations at several levels.
  • We introduced a unique Access Rights structure to their team where they segregated all employees based on their specific operations and set certain modules with password activation and Email/SMS alerts to owners.
    Also, every employee was given a PIN to login from, this controlled the monitoring of what operations were performed by a specific employee. 
  • We recommended them to switch from our Offline Server-based setup to our Cloud-based setup. This ensured real-time synchronization of all information across several clients. The owners were also given ‘HDReports App’, this Mobile App gave them the ability to have all reports available on their Mobile phones even while traveling.
    They formulated business strategies through evaluating our Analytical Reports which is essentially helping them to grow their business exponentially.

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