Globe Group’s Transition From a Fabric Trading Firm to Becoming a UAE Business Powerhouse

May 4, 2020 in Customer Success

Globe Group’s Transition From a Fabric Trading Firm to Becoming a UAE Business Powerhouse


Having been established in 1959, The Globe Group’s history is closely woven with the rich tapestry of UAE culture. They are one among our most valued customers with Althea Suite operational in more than 14 Locations

What started off as a fabric trading company, Globe Group has now morphed into a business powerhouse with various businesses mainly encompassing fabric and garments trading and distribution, a franchised menswear retail network and the manufacture & supply of uniforms to several blue chips across the GCC, Africa and European markets.


A company as huge as them who eventually wanted to branch out and scale up in terms of their Business operations, always face several infrastructure level challenges. And the execution of what is expected by the owners to what is delivered also comes down to how well the Implementation team structures the processes. 

Let’s understand some of their Key Challenges:

  • Even though their primary business was Fabric Trading, their old software lacked the ability to generate customized customer receipts. These receipts had to have all the information required to process an order related to Tailoring Items. 
  • A secondary source of their Sales was through Online Channels, hence they faced difficulty in segregating their Online Inventory vs Offline Inventory
  • Having a huge customer base meant that their customers were very diverse in nature and hence they dealt with issues with respect to Customer Loyalty which arose due to not having sufficient information on their customers.
    The current reports in their software weren’t sufficient to deal with their growing business.
  • As they were scaling up to more and more branches (eventually 14), they found it very difficult to accommodate their set of requirements within their old software.
    Several multiple warehouse management features were missing. 


Our Product Expert team closely worked with their management team to understand the underlying issues of their old software so we could target them from the get-go. Then we prepared an Implementation plan with all the set guidelines which were followed up with hierarchy-wise training sessions. 

This helped the staff to ease into the new workflows in our software.

Globe Group

The Solution

  • The ‘Customer Receipt’ module helped them to take down all customer measurements of the respective order and also some images/attachment of the items for reference. It also included inbuilt ‘Status Management’ where they could send customer SMS/Email as soon as his Tailored order was ready. 
  • Althea has an in-depth stock management module that can give you warehouse-wise stock levels and hence we also helped them to segregate the Sales and Stock coming in through their Online Channels.
    These features clubbed with perfectly crafted reports proved quite satisfactory for their management. 
  • Hyper Drive’s reports team was tasked with generating several customized reports after taking down requirements through initial stages of implementation. These included reports to consolidate Sales, Stock data across all 14 Locations, and all the different payment modes.
    Through these custom reports the management got a clear understanding of what things needed to be rectified and worked on. 
  • Althea Suite since being used by 8000+ customers worldwide is a highly adaptable product and was able to understand their complex requirements and translate them into simpler workflows.
    These simple workflows helped the staff to devote more time to customer engagement rather than Data Entry. 

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