How Haveli Restaurant & Resorts Uses HDRestaurant To Function Quicker

April 21, 2020 in Customer Success

How Haveli Restaurant & Resorts Uses HDRestaurant To Function Quicker


Haveli Restaurant & Resort is a part of the chain “TINA VVIP Resorts Pvt. Ltd. “. They are one of the Top players in the Restaurant & Resort sector.

Their facilities are panned across several cities providing customers with best in class Restaurants, Resorts, Bars and Lounges. They are managing their complete business flow using HDRestaurant with 10+ users


To manage such a huge infrastructure, they faced numerous challenges to get everything up and running smoothly. These challenges ranged from the initial Order Taking Flow to the back-end processes and analyzing raw data to understand where the business is headed. 

Let’s understand some of their Key Challenges:

  • Order Taking Flow since being manually done took a lot of time.
  • They needed something to manage all their Kitchen Orders apart from the traditionally used Kitchen receipts.
  • Inability to derive the actual stock consumed in the whole day.
  • Inability to track all the wastage and stock miscalculations.
  • Inconvenience in operating the systems through complex workflows.


The first focus of the Implementation team was to sit down with them and make them visualize the changes we had planned for them and how they were different from their traditional approaches they were initially going through. Once they visualized it and critiqued the process, we were then able to move towards the implementation cycle. 

The Solution

  • Simplifying the Order Taking flow by introducing our “Order Taking App”. This app was designed to be used on Mobile Phones/Tablets to give the waiters ability to place orders from the customer’s Table itself that saved time and was highly convenient. Even the management placed few Tablets on the tables as well so customers could intuitively look at the Menu and place orders by themselves making it customer friendly. 
  • Introduction of the “Kitchen Management App” also acted as an enormous breathing space for the Kitchen Staff. They were now able to look at all the incoming orders and then systematically manage their order status based on if they were prepared or not. The waiters also knew when they needed to walk into the kitchen to pick up a respective order. The “quick tap” based interface also ensured that they focused on their primary task which was cooking. 
  • We showed the Back Office team on how they could automate the process management of the actual Stock required for a particular Menu Item. This was done through our “Bill of Materials” (BOM) feature. What it essentially did was calculate the amount of ingredients needed to prepare the ordered Menu item. Hence at the end of the day the management got a consolidated report that showed the Menu Items ordered vs the Ingredient Stock consumed.
  • Our team also emphasized on the staff’s usage of quick access buttons/shortcut keys to make a general workflow even shorter and easier to adapt to. Also a streamlined flow to training modules was set up so that the new joining staff doesn’t have to break their head in understanding the software. 
  • Recently we also upgraded them with our newly developed QSR Mode. This new interface essentially is made to even further shorten up the time consumed while placing an order through intuitively designed User Interface. 
  • By catering to all of their concerns the Restaurant owners are now confident that soon they will scale up. Since now they can essentially get all the required concise data to run their business, they have more time to focus on Marketing Strategies and how to boost sales through modern tools. 

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