The Best ERP Solution For Retail Businesses

October 19, 2021 in Point of Sale

The Best ERP Solution For Retail Businesses

Retail is one of the fastest-growing markets across the world. But with growth comes resource management challenges. This makes it essential to have an ERP Solution for your retail business. What is an ERP system and most importantly what does it do? An ERP solution is a software suite that helps manage your sales, accounts, Inventory and provides important business analytics. 

It’s most important to have sufficient analysis of your sales and the items that make you the most profit. All this comes integrated with HDERP which is one of the best ERP solutions for retail businesses. 

Control Your Retail Business 

Having complete control over your business is important. Does it mean that you have to be a complete control freak? Absolutely not!! You have to delegate responsibilities to your subordinates. 

How would you know what’s going on in the business or your retail franchise chain? As the  owner of  a business franchise, it’s easy to get too involved in the day-to-day operations and lose the overview of sales and finances. An ERP solution for your retail chain helps overcome that shortsightedness and provides you with a complete overview of the business. 

With HDERP you get integrated accounting and Real time Data Management Capabilities, as you make sales and build your invoices. 

Deal Globally in Multiple Currencies 

Who wants to get into the complications of converting revenue to dollar values or your local currency. It seems okay when you are starting small, but once you expand globally and start exporting products and services to different markets, it’s important to have an ERP software that can support multiple currencies so that you can have an exact calculation of profit margins and Expenses. HDERP allows you to have one primary currency for calculations along with multiple secondary currencies. There is no limit to the number of currencies that it can support. 

Analytical Reports and Dashboard 

ERP solution for your business offers a unique dashboard that has all the analytical reports such as Sales, profit, Inventory, Accounts, and more in a graphical format. This helps you analyze the health of the business. 

The size and data reflecting in the graph are adjustable and easy to use. HDERP provides more than 500 analytical reports for you to analyze and drill down on the major concerns if any.

Warehouse App 

Most ERP solutions for Retail Businesses have an inbuilt warehouse management application. This app allows you to access your inventory details through an android application. It is applicable across multiple warehouses and lets you use your mobile phone as a POS terminal. 

HDERP is one such ERP solution that allows you to generate Purchase Orders, GRN, Stock Transfer, and Stock Correction documents from your phone and print the documents to the printer connected to your server or save it on the Phone. It offers a very easy-to-use friendly interface.

Having an ERP solution for Retail Business helps you become highly organized and eliminates a high degree of manual labor in everyday operations. It helps you manage almost all the different departments such as sales, inventory management, Accounting, CRM, and employee management. This not only ensures profits but also ensures peace of mind.